A journey in the future of Learning!

Given the trend of technology progress and current achievements, how do you imagine the future of Learning?

Loading Future just tried to figure it out by partecipating to the XPRIZE virtual tour centered on radical innovation scenarios for learning. 

Virtual reality and gaming are already immersive and stimulating tools able to shape the future of learning. Up to now only a decisive detail was missing for spreading the application base: the real-time data flow, that is to say a data transmission achievable in any place and with the minimum latency. As we frequently hear about, this limitation will be soon overcome with the introduction of the most modern 5G mobile standard. 

Already with the adoption of the 4G (LTE) standard it was possible to reduce the response time by almost two thirds compared to the 3G-UMTS standard: from 100 to about 30 milliseconds. Compared to these figures, 5G is a new quantum leap in latency times. The response time of this innovative mobile phone standard is just one millisecond and is therefore close to real-time transmission. Thus, 5G could be a promising starting point for future widespread applications of VR and AR.  

The “Future of Learning Lab” experience demonstrated itself how immersive technologies are ready to be used in a large-scale commercial environment. 

Speakers were “virually real” on XPRIZE stage and audience was present aswell with the same technology. The face, the expressions and the movements of the speakers were alreay quite precise and it was simple to imagine how powerful this could be in the next future. 

All around the world we are suffering for the lack of teachers and for the difficulty to conform the quality of education in different places of the world, of the Country or even the same city. Offering high education standard to all students and reducing education gaps deriving from the budget available to each one is the challenge!

The remote education we are now experiencing with videoconference tools is “virtual” but is very far from “reality”: teachers cannot get information on the feelings, the possibile troubles and difficulties in understanding of students. The possibilty to interact is very limited and the students can get mainly “content information” from the teacher’s voice, while it’s missing the human component and the human exchange that allows the teacher to refine and adapt the lesson based on the audience.

But let’s imagine the future…

Virtual Reality tools coud solve and radically change our perspectives: the immersive learning experience could bridge those limits for students and, at the same time, Artificial Intelligence could sinthetize student’s reactions, feeling, expressions… adding some extra information for the teacher that even in a physical classroom lesson he would never be able to get. 

But AI con do even more: technology will be able to create “AI teachers” able to perfectly interact with students based on their particular needs and gaps. And why not having as teacher the original scientis, physicist or historical figure of the past explaining and interacting with the student on his research, experiments or historical period?

It may sound crazy and far, but instead this is already going on with some groups of young students! Combining virtual reality for immersive gaming and AI technology, some students are already experiencing virtual laboratories where Michael Faraday explains its teory on electromagnetism and electrochemistry interacting with each of them. The participants can try theirselves to repeat the experiment and learn by doing.

What is really powerful of this for a childs is the the offered possibility to fulfill a fantasy: with a gaming immersive experience each child can finally be a scientist or maybe a paleonthologis, discover and work himself on research or analysis of fossils. He can be immerged in another reality and in another era. During this activities, he will be asked to complete some tasks, take some choices and solve resome problems, providing answers to specific questions related to the lesson.  

Homework would no longer be boring like this!  


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